VIP StartMeUp - WithOUT AVR/Sound Bar

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Concierge White Glove Video Chat Installation for your Control Center!

    • THE PACKAGE:  Control Center Installation to a TV, & up to 4 HDMI connected devices in a non-enclosed and/or built in stand/cabinet.  
    • PRO INSTALLERS:  A VIP StartMeUp certified Video Install Professional performs the video chat with you via your smart phone or tablet.
    • SIMPLE CALENDARING:  You pick the time!  Simply select an install time that works for you on the VIP StartMeUp calendar app.
    • PRE-CHECK for SUCCESS:  Receive an education check-list prior to the installation, that will ensure a successful install experience.
    • EASY VIDEO CHAT TOOL: The app downloads in less than a minute.  There's no sign on...just click a link and you are live!
    • DISCOUNTS:  Exclusive ShowMeTheLove discounts on partner products!
      • NOTE:  If you have an AVR &/or sound bar… no worries!  Please see the VIP StartMeUp - With AVR/Sound Bar package which is perfect for your needs.
      • NOTE: If you have a media closet or built-in/attached-to-wall cabinet enclosure, and wish for installation services, we recommend in-home installation services via a custom audio installer.


      • Professional installation & connection of the Caavo Control Center unit to your TV
        • Installation can be performed to all Television/SmartTV brands that have a HDMI port connection for the Caavo Control Center.
          • NOTE:  The TV must be in an open stand/display case or a wall-mount, with access to the back of the TV.
      • Installation & connection of your Control Center to up to 4 HDMI connected devices: 
        • Includes ‘Device Discovery’, which ensures all HDMI connected devices successfully ‘pair’ with the Control Center.
      • Set-Up:  Includes general set-up & customization of your Caavo account.
      • Testing:  Includes successful testing of ALL connected HDMI devices.
      • HELP:  Service includes assistance from a Video Install Professional regarding troubleshooting & issue resolution that may occur from your TV or HDMI connected devices.
      • DISCOUNTS: Receive exclusive access to Caavo’s VIP StartMeUp ‘Show Me The Love’ partner discounts, exclusive to Caavo VIP StartMeUp customers.


      • Purchase:  Service must be purchased prior to receiving VIP StartMeUp Services.
      • Scheduling your VIP StartMeUp: The customer follows a Calendar link provided in your web order and/or provided in the VIP StartMeUp purchase confirmation email, to schedule a time.
        • Calendar availability: Don’t worry, we have many time slots available to accommodate your schedule! 
        • Reminders: Don’t worry, we will send you reminders along the way, so you don’t miss your appointment.
      • Enclosed cabinets and/or media closets: Installation services for such an enclosure is not available at this time.  Should you desire installation services, please seek a local custom installer or audio/video technician.


      Just like when you get ready to play a sport, host a party, or prepare a meal, there is always a bit of planning, preparation, & the right ingredients, to ensure success.
      • The VIP StartMeUp Pre-Service Checklist gives you the playbook & ingredients needed, to ensure your VIP StartMeUp Service will be a success!
        • Upon purchase of VIP StartMeUp, you will receive the checklist to be filled out prior to service being performed.
      MUST HAVE's:  We only want success for all of our VIP StartMeUp Services, & to that point, there are a few must have’s…that you must have.  
      • Age: For Services to take place, you must be 18 years or older.
      • Location:  For Services, you must be in the U.S. or Canada.
      • Smart Phone:  For Video Chat Services to take place, you must have a Smart Phone or Smart Tablet device capable of live video chat.
        • Streaming/Cable/Satellite Services: For Services to take place & proper installation & complete testing, you must have any streaming/cable/satellite services purchased & installed/set up prior to installation.
        • Internet Services: For Services to take place & proper installation & complete testing, you must have any internet services purchased & installed/set-up prior to installation.
        • AVR & TV Installation: For Services to take place & proper installation & complete testing, you must have your TV &/or AVR device installed/set-up prior to installation.
        • Time:  For Services to take place & proper installation & complete testing, you must be able to give us your full time & attention during the installation time you select. 
        We’re in this together…let’s work together & achieve Caavo love!